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Please, if anyone knows how Emerson and her family are post to this guestbook. It's been so long since we've heard anything. I miss yo Emerson and Erica. I have been reading and praying for you from the beginning when you were first in Omaha. Arms around You, Joan/NE
Rebecca Kottman...
Are there any new updates since 2013? I logged on to see, and couldn't find anything from Erika any later than June of 2013 with some comments as late as December of 2013. How are things?
Missing you as I'm not on facebook any more but continuing to pray for you all that GOD will be leading in all that is happening...with hugs and prayers from across the miles :)
I hope everything is okay for your sweet there has been no updates in 6 months.
I hope Emerson had a good summer. I miss reading updates about her, but know that no news is probably good news :).
Anne Dennon
It's your special day Eme. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. I hope this finds you doing very well and that you had a fun summer with your brothers. I think of you all the time and even though you have never met me, I consider myself lucky to be one of your many friends. Enjoy your day and be sure to give your Mommy a big hug. Much love from our home on Bainbridge Island, WA. Anne
I hope you 2 are doing great. I check everyday, hoping to see an update.I still don't do facebook. Are you still in Omaha? Arms around You...Joan
Anne Dennon
Thinking of you all and sending love, prayers for strength along with support. Anne
Annette W
Thank you so much for the update. While I am sorry to read you will be in Omaha for the summer, I am so happy to see Eme is in good spirits and happy! That is worth a lot! As you said, with the boys out of school you will be able to have some time with them. A trip to Michigan, if it works out, would certainly be great for all of you! I still am in awe of you, Erika, and all you have learned, advocated, and done for your beautiful daughter. I think it is your attitude that is the most impressive....that is wonderful. Prayers always....Annette
I sure hope Eme was able to discharge yesterday! Even talking about it is encouraging. Good Mother's Day gift:) I have to agree that between the Denver and the Omaha hospitals, Eme is in the best possible hands. I think, too, that our good Lord has a hand in it, too! My gosh, what different letters than not that long ago. As difficult as it will be for you with your required nursing, I know this is so much better than her being inpatient! Prayers for both of you, of course! Annette